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Autoround——Auto Parts Wholesale

2024 Autoround Exhibition Plan


In the current digital era, we are well aware of the importance of the two-pronged approach of online platforms and offline exhibitions to the auto parts industry. Therefore, we continue to work on developing these two aspects to provide customers with a better service experience.


In order to meet customers’ needs for timely and convenient information acquisition, we will comprehensively upgrade the existing online platform.

  • Product updates are pushed in real time: ensuring that customers can learn about our latest product developments as soon as possible.
  • Detailed parameter query: Provide comprehensive product parameter information to facilitate customers’ comparison and selection.
  • Online consultation and feedback: Customers can ask questions or give feedback online at any time, and we will respond promptly.

Although online platforms have many advantages, we understand the importance of offline exhibitions in building trust and deepening cooperation. Therefore, we will actively participate in various auto parts exhibitions and conduct face-to-face communication with customers.

  • Selected exhibitions: We will select influential exhibitions in the industry to participate in to ensure the professionalism and efficiency of the exhibition.
  • Booth design: We will carefully design and arrange our booth to highlight our brand image and product features.
  • On-site interaction: We will arrange a professional team to interact with customers on site, answer questions, and collect feedback to further understand customer needs and market dynamics.


We sincerely invite customers, partners and people in the industry to visit our booth to visit and communicate. Whether you are interested in our products or want to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with us, we will serve you wholeheartedly. At the same time, we also look forward to discussing industry trends with you, sharing experience and insights, and working together to create a better future.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our exhibition plans or products, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to cordial communication with you and starting a wonderful journey of cooperation together. Let us get together at the 2024 exhibition and create brilliance together!


The following is 2024 Autoround Exhibition Plan:

Time Address Exhibition Booth
2024/05/08 ~ 2024/05/11 Curitiba, Brazil AUTOPAR Curitiba 2024 EN36
2024/05/17 ~ 2024/05/19 Lima,Peru Expo Mecanica Lima 2024 153&155
2024/05/24 ~ 2024/05/26 Quito, Ecuador Feria Expomec Quito 2024 99
2024/06/05 ~ 2024/06/07 Medellin, Colombia Feria Autopartes Medellin 2024 217
2024/07/31 ~ 2024/08/02 Panama Latin Auto Parts Expo Panama 2024 2229-1
2024/08/09 ~ 2024/08/11 Guayaquil, Ecuador Feria Expomec Guayaquil 2024 120-1
2024/09/10 ~ 2024/09/14 Frankfurt,Germany Automechanika Frankfurt 2024 /
2024/11/15 ~ 2024/11/17 Warsaw, Poland Automotive Parts Expo Poland 2024 /