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Autopar Curitiba In May 2024


About Autopar

The Brazilian automobile industry ranks 7th in the world. The members of the South American Community are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. With a total population of 200 million and a total domestic production of approximately US$1.2 trillion, it is a force that cannot be ignored. In particular, Brazil has played a leading role in the automobile industry. , becoming an important bridge between South America and other parts of the world such as North America, Central America, Europe and Asia. In addition to fully participating in the needs of the local automobile assembly industry, Brazil exports auto parts to approximately 170 countries.

Autopar is the second major exhibition in the Brazilian automotive industry. The Biennale is held in Curitiba. Autopar is more in line with the local auto parts market in Brazil. Autopar is a must-attend exhibition for domestic and international companies in the auto parts, maintenance and vehicle renewal industries to enter the Brazilian market. The company aims to expand and strengthen its brand in the Brazilian market. The show is supported by Fecomercio Systems, the Paraná Alliance of Retail Vehicles, Parts and Accessories Vehicles and the Commercial Vehicle Repair Association (SINDIREPA). In addition, Autopar serves as the Automotive Parts Association and is supported by associations of other business entities and people in the automotive industry in the Southern Region.

The Brazil (Curitiba) International Auto Parts Exhibition has been successfully held for ten times so far. The exhibition was opened to Chinese exhibitors for the first time in 2010 and received good feedback. The scale of the international pavilion and exhibition has increased year by year. In 2022, the exhibition area will be Nearly 30,000 square meters. 


Exhibition data list

Exhibition name: 2024 Brazil (Curitiba) International Auto Parts Exhibition
Exhibition time: May 8-11, 2024
Exhibition cycle: every two years
Exhibition location: Expo Convention Center, Curitiba, Brazil
Range of exhibition:
(1) Automobile accessories and spare parts
(2) Automobile service and technology industry
(3) Automobile maintenance equipment and equipment
(4) Automotive electronic systems
(5) Auto parts, customization
(6) Car cleaning and refurbishment


About Autoround

Autoround is a professional auto parts supplier, providing a one-stop purchasing platform for all vehicle parts.
Autoround always insists on participating in offline exhibitions to obtain the latest industry news and market information.
Our stand number is EN36.
You can contact us on our official website, or directly add Luis, our exhibition manager.