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Expo Mecanica Lima In May 2024


Exhibition Background

Peru belongs to the middle zone of South America, and its international market radiates mainly to Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and parts of Brazil. Most of the models are European second-hand cars such as Volkswagen and Fiat, or Japanese Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Suzuki, and there are many Chinese trucks.

Peru has obvious geographical advantages and belongs to the middle zone of South America. Its international market radiates mainly to Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and parts of Brazil. In terms of car models, there are many second-hand cars on the Peruvian market, including second-hand cars from Europe such as Volkswagen and Fiat, or Japanese Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, etc. In addition, the Peruvian government encourages citizens to take loans to buy cars, open the market, and low tariffs allow imported new and second-hand cars to enter the market, so vehicle sales grow rapidly.

Industry Status:

  • 1) There are currently 1.5 million cars in Peru. In the repair market, 45% of spare parts are operated by Taiwanese suppliers (only 5% are supplied to the South American market based on the model of Taiwan purchasing from the mainland and then switching to the South American market. Exporting directly from the mainland into the Peruvian market, and purchasing directly from Chinese spare parts manufacturers can reduce costs by up to 30%.
  • 2) About 200,000 vehicles (mostly between 10 and 15 years old) enter the Peruvian market every year. Due to different driving habits, second-hand cars need to be modified when entering Peru, and the amount of spare parts required for modification cannot be ignored.
  • 3) In the Peruvian market, new cars of all types are also growing at a rate of about 100,000 units per year, and the annual increase in second-hand cars totals about 200,000 units. It takes 5 years to replace new car parts. After 5 years, the total sales increase of new and used car parts (plus the demand for second-hand cars) will reach 30%.


About Expo Mecanica

Expo Mecanica in Lima, Peru is the most authoritative auto parts exhibition in Peru. It is the most important local international auto parts, machine tools and automotive service exhibition, and it is also the only such exhibition in Peru.

Expo Mecanica Exhibitors in Lima, Peru include manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, promoting the products and services of well-known brands to emerging markets and customers consisting of trade visitors throughout the entire process chain of the automotive industry, making new business deals and strengthening their image.

The Auto Parts Show in Lima, Peru brings together a complete range of professional auto parts, mechanical tools and auto services, vehicle repair and maintenance products. The Lima Auto Parts Show in Peru is held every year, aiming to establish an international platform to promote products, create business opportunities, and establish new business relationships within three days, and attracts various roles in the industry to display, trade, and learn from each other, including: Suppliers, distributors, machine workshops, technicians and industry professionals; at the same time, it radiates to neighboring countries and attracts South American customers to the conference.


Exhibition data list

Exhibition name: Lima Expo Mecanica in Peru 2024
Exhibition time: May 17-19, 2024
Exhibition cycle: Once a year
Exhibition location: Javier Prado Este 4200 Surco., Lima, Peru
Range of exhibition:
(1) Parts and systems
(2) Accessories
(3) Repair and maintenance
(4) Automobile supplies
(5) Management and service
(6) Mechanical equipment


About Autoround

Autoround is a professional auto parts supplier, providing a one-stop purchasing platform for all vehicle parts.
Autoround always insists on participating in offline exhibitions to obtain the latest industry news and market information.
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