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How To Check For Damaged Bearing


How to inspect damaged bearings

When one of the four wheel hub bearings of the vehicle is damaged, you will hear a continuous humming sound in the car while the car is moving. It is hard to tell where the sound is coming from. It feels like the whole car is filled with this humming sound, and the louder the faster the car is going. Here’s how:
Method 1: Open the window to listen to whether the sound is coming from outside the car
Method 2: After increasing the speed (when the buzz is large) put the gear in neutral to let the vehicle slide, and observe whether the noise comes from the engine, if the buzz does not change when the neutral slide, it is mostly the wheel bearing has a problem
Method 3: temporary parking, check the temperature of the shaft is normal, the method is: use hands to touch the four wheels, the temperature of the general feeling about them is consistent (brake shoe, normal clearance, the temperature of the front and rear wheels is a gap, the front wheel is high), if feel difference may continue to slow traffic to the pit
Method 4: lift the car rise (before loosening the hand brake, idling), there is no elevator can jack rise one wheel, human fast four wheels, when there are problems of the axle, it makes a sound, like nothing else axle, using this method can easily distinguish which wheel axle has a problem.

Installation Precautions

If you encounter serious damage to the hub bearing, there are cracks, pitting or ablation above that must be replaced. Before installing the new bearing, grease is first, and then installed in the opposite order. The replaced bearing must be flexible and free of clutter and vibration.
In the process of maintenance, it is often found that some cars have a large driving noise, check the tire without abnormal wear, and wheel rotation on the lifting machine without obvious abnormal sound. This phenomenon is often caused by abnormal damage to the hub bearing, the so-called abnormal refers to the bearing damage caused by the installation reason.
Automobile front wheel bearings are generally double-row ball bearings. When installing bearings, if you use a hammer to install them, or install them by pressing the inner ring of the bearing when installing them into the bearing housing, it will cause damage to one side of the bearing raceway. When the vehicle driving noise, and when the wheels are off the ground because of the better side of the raceway, so can not hear the obvious noise. Correct installation operation is the key to the long life of bearings.
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