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Wheel Bearing

Wheel Bearing LM11749/10

Single row tapered roller bearing




Package Dimensions: 17.5*39.9*14.45mm

Wheel Bearing LM11749/10 A149 SET1

Autoround wheel bearing are manufactured to exact OEM specfications , making them easu to replace worn OE parts.

  • Adaptation: Wheel bearing is suitable for car chassis wheel hub, and different car models match differently.
  • Material: Wheelbearing is made of high carbon chromium bearing steel (GCr15), which is durable and can withstand heavy loads
  • Low friction: Wheel bearing can reduce the friction between the tire and the ground and reduce the rolling resistance of the car. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also improves the fuel economy of the car, saving fuel costs for car owners.
  • Stability: Wheel bearing effectively reduces shaking and vibration during driving by connecting the tire to the steering knuckle, carrying weight and providing precise rotation guidance. This not only improves the driving stability of the car, but also enhances the handling, making driving more stable and safe.
  • Safety: Wheel bearing can ensure the normal rotation of the wheel during driving and reduce the lateral swing and sliding of the wheel. This improves driving safety and reduces the risk of traffic accidents caused by wheel problems.


Autoround is a global auto parts and accessories brand, focusing on replacement parts for after-sales martket. The main advantages products of the brand: automotive chassis parts and engine parts. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality products and trustworthy services to global auto parts consumers.

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