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Wheel Hub Bearing

Wheel Hub Bearing 513164


513164 90486467 FW9164 VKBA1301

Front Axle
Flange Diameter: 5.4 In.
Bolt Circle Diameter: 4.3 In.
Wheel Pilot Diameter: 2.6 In.
Brake Pilot Diameter: 2.8 In.
Bolt Quantity: 5
Bolt Hole qty: N/A
ABS Sensor: Has ABS with Tone Ring Sensor
Number of Splines: N/A

Wheel Hub Bearing 513164 90486467 FW9164 VKBA1301 For CADILLAC Catera OPEL Omeijia

Autoround wheel hub bearing are manufactured to exact OEM specfications , making them easu to replace worn OE parts.

  • Reliable performance: The precise roll-formed design ensures consistent and optimized factory-installed preload, minimizing excessive noise and wear.
  • Extended service life: Application-specific advanced raceway designs effectively reduce stress, rotation and heat on components, significantly extending component life.
  • Easy installation: The products are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure a fast and convenient installation process, providing users with a better experience.
  • Anti-rust protection: Coated wheel bolts effectively prevent rust, ensuring smooth disassembly and accurate torque.
  • Rigorous testing: Autoround engineers conduct comprehensive and rigorous testing throughout the design and development process to ensure product quality is reliable and trustworthy.


Autoround is a global auto parts and accessories brand, focusing on replacement parts for after-sales martket. The main advantages products of the brand: automotive chassis parts and engine parts. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality products and trustworthy services to global auto parts consumers.

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